An Interview with Cheryl Guy, Health & Safety at Studio DB

Our Health and Safety queen at Studio DB. Cheryl is in charge of producing all the paperwork required by law, as well as looking after the physical site and the mental health of our employees. She is brilliant in what she does!
20 Sep
Studio DB

Tell us about your role at Studio DB?

I look after the health and safety and well-being of the team overall, and that includes things like health and safety inductions, and making sure there are no hazards and risks in the offices. Then mainly I look after all our project site and produce all the health and safety paperwork required by law.

In addition, I coordinate with the site managers on a regular basis to make sure that our sites are risk and incident free.

What is Studio DB approach to H&S?

We are very proactive toward health and safety. Rather than being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, we much rather be the person at the top stopping any incidents from happening. We put a lot of effort into preventing any harm from happening to our trades and staff.

From a practical standpoint how do you deliver on your zero-incident policy?

We are a low to medium risk company, our office is very low, and our sites are around medium risk.  

The biggest thing that we can be doing is just to observe of what is happening on our sites and within the offices and communicate, again and again.  

We are communicating health and safety and keeping it on top of everyone's mind; this way everyone is more likely to react in a safe manner.

What are the changes and evolution that you have seen in H&S over the last few years?

We have gone from a very basic unit with minimal training to fully digitalize systems, allowing tracking and reporting of any danger in real time.

We do regular training on health and safety in particular with our site managers and project managers and we have safety wardens within all the offices that are trained mostly.

We have regular communication about health and weekly reporting from site on any hazards. It is in almost every meeting and our paperwork is fully compliant.  

What do you enjoy in your role at Studio DB?

Definitely communicating. I love to communicate and that is through my previous roles in my retail life, which has been pretty much all my working life and communicating is something that I am passionate about.

How do you see H&S evolving in the future?

Definitely improving.

One thing that I do see is that mental health is becoming quite a big focus on both the sites and in our offices due to COVID. That is one place that I see us changing quite a lot.  I would also like to see that we become even more proactive about the mental well-being of the team and that can be not just be training courses. Having people on-site that are trained to recognize when there is a mental health issue happening and being able to communicate solutions for that person. That is one of my big passions at the moment and preventing it from happening in the 1st place if possible.

Many people in this industry work at high levels of pressure during their work hours and if they have pressure at home as well, then you know we have to look at trying to release some of the pressure off them during their work hours.

Anything you would like to share with our readers.

Our passion for health and safety reflects in our paperwork.  

However, to see that in action in our sights and actually a great instance was the trade night recently. We have gone from having a separate line of communication with our contractors to almost encompassing them into the DB family and now with a shared vision through our main contractors and ourselves, which makes a great work team on site.

In other words, it does not stop at studio DB. We also want to promote and share beyond ourselves, with our suppliers, partners and clients also influence them to be more conscious of health and safety and together delivering healthier and safer environments.  

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