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Accounting specialists, COS, deliver powerful financial reporting experiences for the rural and farming industry, integrating reporting to help build and maintain a successful sustainable business in the agricultural sector. We aspired to inculcate their ideologies into an inspirational working environment that uniquely supports their working style, marking an exciting new chapter for their business as they rebrand and continue to grow.

DB identified the great potential in repositioning the look and retrofitting their office interiors to mark the company’s transition phase. To align their values and ethics, this new space is designed around the concept of creating a human-centric approach that follows their working style. We aimed to create an environment that revolves around creativity, collaboration, flexibility and fun through a cooperative design that encourages the people to share ideas and knowledge and work together to deliver the most sustainable results.

Throughout the space, an aura of engagement and alliance fosters employee’s productivity and wellness. This design allows flexibility in movement whilst featuring innumerable working style options for the employees to work alone or collaboratively. It was crucial to incorporate various sitting zones for different kinds of people depending on their level of participation, positions and working styles to create a balanced ambience. Several meeting points have merged in the form of striking tufted bright yellow bench seating, calmer blue couches, pop burnt orange accent chairs, isolated meeting booths and staggered high tables and stools to keep an interactive environment and encourage people to socialize.

Our spaces are rarely designed without the elements of biophilia integrated. Incorporating the plants and letting the light take over the control of the space was the key. Higher ceilings, exposed wooden beams and floor-to-ceiling vertical wooden panelling create a sense of openness in the space, promoting human wellness and thus energizing the clients to work effectively. Implementation of all these aspects helped COS achieve their goals on and off the site in creating a promising environment while living its true mission.

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