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With offices widespread throughout the North, the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, Eves actively brings real estate to the market for their clients while supporting the personal and professional development of their employees. This leading real estate company was founded in 1969 building strong and secure relationships with their clients while committing to excellence and consistency over the years. DB associated with Eves in creating a high-quality ready-to-work space that fosters a harmonious collaboration between the employees and clients.

The remodelled office design highlights a bright and spacious palette that symbolises a transparent and cooperative work environment. To reflect the company’s personality, a mix of dedicated workspaces: formal and informal along with numerous collaborative zones were designed to encourage employee interaction and overall integrative workflow. The user-centric approach was the key: Employee health and wellbeing are at the heart of the design. Through the strategic use of transparent walls and spacious layouts, we have created a sense of adaptability and connectivity within the office space that is bound to create a seamless positive working environment.

Elements of biophilia are incorporated throughout the design. Plenty of natural lighting helps in fostering the employee’s wellbeing while introducing a sense of safety and security. We believe plants are the human’s best friends. They induce vibrancy and positivity in a space that incurs an overall fresh and wholesome vibe.

Spaces have been designed thoughtfully: The reception sets the tone of an engaging and aesthetical theme of the office with the striking mid-century modern tanned-hued chairs. Contrasting with the one-walled contemporary kitchen and subtle hardwood floors, these chairs define the common areas with its eye-catchy statement. Eves Office has been our successful product in creating a lively and welcoming space that represents its valuable clients for the years to come.

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We tested the market and found Studio DB to be competitive in terms of what we were requiring. The Studio DB team were excellent in the process of council consenting and managing other tenants through this process.
Mark Macky, Director
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