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Franklin Smith

Franklin Smith
Franklin Smith is a multi-disciplined recruiting consultation company specialized in providing a range of bespoke services across the Design, Construction, Engineering, Accounting, Property and Management sectors. Enabling people to grow and learn together, the key purpose was to design a space that would offer a fresh and healthy working environment keeping in mind the concepts of flexibility and robustness.

The office space is designed to foster creativity, focus and collaboration. The key ideology is to energize the employees and promote a positive working environment that inspires and motivates them. To achieve this, we focused on creating several shared meeting spaces, collaborative working zones and a collective ‘Play’ zone that included the kitchen and the activity space. The employees are expected to take a breakout from their working hours and ignite themselves with energy in this relaxation zone – socializing and playing pool.

A strong biophilic theme is introduced to increase the cohesion in the space by optimising the natural environment. The incorporation of vinyl planking giving a hardwood look on the floor and full-height wall in the space complements the thin sheer glass partitions to create an open and yet-not-open space. Light is at play everywhere: washing through the stark white walls and ceiling on to the subtle bright surfaces. Meanwhile, Carpeting and Hardwood replica flooring provides warmth to the space. Since plants have proved to help increase productivity and regenerate concentration, their incorporation in these office spaces is a must.

The design is centred around the concept of minimalism and contemporary style. Clean and crisp lines take over the interiors with an absolute neutral colour palette that is alive and fresh, thus encouraging an open and collaborative mindset towards work. DB delivered a space that helps to support a healthy way of working as well as the employee’s mental wellbeing.

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Franklin Smith
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