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Founded in 1999, IMPAC is New Zealand’s leading provider of health and safety solutions. This company has been actively working for the health betterment of the people returning from work and the concepts of employee wellness. With offices in Auckland, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch as well as representatives in other regions, the company looks forward to broadening their horizons and offer their best services to the people.

Studio DB sharing a similar employee-centric thought process, grabbed the opportunity of designing their office space, in line with their vision and ideologies. Employee health and growth were paramount. We fulfilled the brief by intricately planning out work and play zones with high attention paid to material finishes and biophilia. The idea was to create a flexible and engaging space that brings together the employees for a positive work and social collaboration.

A neutral colour palette subtly flourishes the office space along with the pops of blue-green floral imprints staggered on furniture upholstery as prime accents. These cooler hues harmonize the space with a perfect balance of hardwood texture and stark white walls, furniture and gold-plated pendant lighting. Natural light is at play: engaging employees and motivating them to be more productive. Also, a sense of welcomeness and comfort calls through flooring finishes, warmer tones and beautiful furniture systems.

Employee focus is another important key element. Partitions of louvers, sheer glass and potted plants solve both these issues while offering aesthetics. Aside from formal conference rooms, kitchen pantry, discussion booths and private work zones are provided for various work types and overall flexible movement. These design interventions fostered employee wellness and further helped them provide world-class services across the nation.

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