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After analysing Jacobs’ existing requirements in the Wellington Office, DB’s collaboration helped in demonstrating relocation as a better fit for the company to grow and excel. Being one of the largest and globally known providers of technical, professional and construction services including architecture and scientific consulting, the company actively supports the personal and professional development of their employees with a strong emphasis on human wellness.

An engaging yet collaborative workspace was proposed: a well-planned open space working with a mix of dedicated workspaces of informal and collaborative seating custom-designed to support the user comfort and retention. Throughout the space, a sense of balance and harmony is encouraged in terms of materials, forms and movement that simultaneously aligns with the client’s work ethics and services. Architecturally clean and symmetrical lines, pops of bright warm and cool hues, distinctive furniture design and natural timber textures drift a sense of style in setting the overall contemporary tone of the space. A perfect blending of the informal seating in working and kitchen areas offers multitude of opportunities to relax and break-out from work.

Nature is introduced indoors through immense natural lighting welcomed by the space and pops of greenery in the form of partitions. Several social zones of relaxation and participation were allocated: entryway reception as the waiting area and a one-walled kitchen with an attached breakfast bar. The entire refurbishment and project management process required a clear and transparent end-to-end communication with the client that helped us understand their needs and provide them with an inspiring space.

Collaboration and open conversations mark the core values of our client provided an engaging and motivating space that now accommodates the ever-growing team of the company while fulfilling their demands and needs. The employees are satisfied and happy in this new space which they now like to call – ‘their second home’.

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