An Interview with Rebekah Matheson, Client Relations Assistant at Studio DB

Rebekah is the glue to our client facing Client Relations team here at Studio DB. There is a lot going on when potential projects arise for us, and Rebekah makes sure that all of our presentations and documents are presented smoothly!
16 Mar
Studio DB
Q and A

To begin, could you brief us a little about yourself and your role in Studio DB?

As the Client Relations and Business Development Assistant, I’ve been associated with Studio DB for almost two years. I was basically raised in a small town in the Far North where career options were limited, which prompted me to move to Auckland after graduating from college about 10 years ago, and I've been here ever since.

My role here is to build strong relationships with our clients and to truly earn their trust. I basically approach them with an open mindset so that I can understand my clients' goals and be associated with them for the long term. Taking care of mutually beneficial relationships between our customers and the company is my priority. I try to form relationships that are created in a stable environment of trust, which would result in the continued growth of both the customer and our organization.

Tell us more about your supporting role with the Client Relations and Business Development Team at Studio DB?

Here, I am the assistant to five Client Relations and Business Development Executives. Some of my daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to, running team meetings, calendar management, and the preparation of sales documentation such as capability statements, proposals, agreements, etc., in layman's terms. I can say I am the glue that holds the team together to ensure they actually do what they promise or commit to!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role that satisfies you?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is being there to see the projects through to completion! I am involved right from the very start, when the project first comes through our door, right to the very end, so after all the efforts that go through for the completion of the project, and finally when I attend the completed project photoshoot and create the final case studies, I feel complete. Beyond all this, the customer satisfaction and positive feedback for each project make me want to do more.

Do you recall any project that was memorable for some reason?

One that comes to mind right away is Dicker Data. They approached us as they were merging with Exceed and were faced with options between relocating, sharing space, or refreshing their current environment, which was outdated and did not offer staff enough diversity of choice in how and where they worked.

Following Pandemic and the WFH culture, they wanted a workplace that fostered agile working. We worked through a collaborative process to understand their requirements and thought processes, like what size they were, where their staff wanted to be located, how they could work with their flexible working policy, and much more.

When we started interacting with them, they had a 1:1 desk ratio, but with our data, we provided them the comfort that offers fully flexibly, and they are now activity-based working with a range of different spaces for staff to work, including height-adjustable workstations, hot-desking leaners, and booths, to name a few of the benefits. The whole process is still memorable because, from start to completion, it was beautiful and satisfying.

And lastly, with Studio DB being a hybrid workspace environment, what model do you prefer for your own working style?

I can actually adapt pretty well. I am capable of working well in different types of environments depending on the task I am handling, which is why I love the hybrid working policy that we have here at Studio DB and think having the option to work from home is important. I enjoy being in the office in a collaborative environment where I can interact with people, as this values problem solving, enhances creativity and productivity, and improves the work culture. On the other hand, I enjoy doing the more mundane, focused tasks at home, as there are fewer distractions, and you can really get stuck in and smash things out in one go!

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