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Each of us at Studio DB has different experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, talents, aspirations, skills and interests. These differences do two things. First they allow us to stand apart as a company and second they allow us to stand together as a team. It’s what we bring as individuals that enables us to create an inspiring workplace community and continue taking Studio DB to the next level. So tell us, how you’re going to make a difference? Before you answer have a read below.

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Our difference

As a family-owned business we enjoy a high level of independence. We’re not beholden to others. We forge our own path. This makes us an authentic values-led company where we make decisions based on what we believe in and what we know is right.
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Supportive culture

We’re of a size where we get to know each other well. There’s a camaraderie and a personal side to our relationships which means that we look out for each other and take responsibility for each other’s wellbeing. This is important for all of us but more so for those who first join us.

A higher purpose

We’re more than the sum total of our services. Our Purpose, ‘Do more good’, takes a long-term view. It’s about the legacy we leave and how this adds to creating a more sustainable future. And how our contribution to the Starship Foundation helps saves lives. We encourage everyone who works here to ‘Do more good’ and add their perspectives.

Personal development

We can only grow as a company if our people grow. This happens when people are open and internally driven. These are attributes we are looking for during the recruiting process. We provide generous support for personal development in an area of your choice, look to promote internally and encourage long-term tenure. We want you to make your mark.

Where culture meets environment

Our workplace reflects our culture. A secure environment where people are free to express their views, (we want to hear them), open spaces which emphasises a flat, inclusive organisation and an ambience which is welcoming for employees and clients alike. And for our Auckland-based employees, we’re located in the CBD close to the Viaduct, Britomart and Commercial Bay.
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