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Who we are


We’ve been in business for almost 60 years. Our initial focus was commercial and residential construction before establishing an office and shop interior division in the early 1990s.
All of this served as an ‘apprenticeship’ for what we are today. A leading commercial interior design and fitout company, proud of its Whangarei origins, where we are still active, headquartered in Auckland and working out of Wellington and Sydney.
We’re a third-generation family business. This is a pedigree that provides us with a real sense of who we are and what we stand for. It has allowed us to build a culture that shapes not only how we do business, but also drives us to evolve and develop.


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Do more good


No 1.

We’re secure in who we are and where we come from. This includes being proud of our heritage. We’re straight up, straight forward and reliable and we act with integrity. Which means we do what we say we’ll do. We're credible and loyal partners and there is transparency in everything we do.

What does this mean for you? You can rely on us, and have peace of mind, knowing we will fulfil and costs will be contained.


This is the spark that allows us to be resourceful, clever and smart. It’s the catalyst for originality and creativity. It gives us permission to dream. It’s the trigger for our inquisitiveness and enables us to clarify complexity. Courage is not just about the design process, it plays a role in every part of our business allowing us continuously enhance processes, systems and capability.

What does this mean for you? A tailored solution, trouble-free delivery, and proactive project leadership.


We’re welcoming and accepting. Nothing is too much trouble. Our time and advice belongs to our clients. We’re always available to meet. Part of this is to extend hospitality. This allows us to build empathy and understand your priorities issues and concerns.  

What does this mean for you? We’ll ‘get you’, your concerns will be heard and acted on, and we'll always be accessible.


Our size enables us to move quickly to identify issues and take action. We’re open minded and always ready to review and look at things differently. We’re constantly looking to take onboard new knowledge and add to our capability. Agility is an attribute that makes us adaptable, flexible and incisive.

What does this mean for you? We’re on top of things, and always with a focus on costs and scheduling, and access to international insights.

Our difference

Our difference is the how, why, and what of our approach to doing business, the delivery of our services and the value we put on people.

Each project starts and ends with people at the centre.

We interweave culture, brand and personal wellbeing to create productive and affordable workplace communities.

Our end-to-end offer

We provide the quickest route from concept to construction, the most cost-effective solution and our in-house experts are with you each step of the way.

Everything we do is transparent.

A lump sum contract is just that. There are no surprises. We welcome scrutiny and being held to account when there are client concerns.

Sustainability is integral to our design and construction process.

These are activities that have immediate and future impacts. We address them through the consideration we give to environmental, economic and social wellbeing.

The best of local and international.

Our understanding of the New Zealand business environment and kiwi culture is comprehensive. But there is a lot we learn and adopt from what’s happening internationally to ensure we’re delivering the very latest in best practice.

Relationships based on a shared vision and mutual respect.

We’re great listeners. From a first conversation we look to connect and build rapport. This gives a framework for building relationships and understanding needs.

Our team

We have a team that is balanced and diverse. The current generation of family members provides leadership and cultural continuity. They are part of our senior professional group. Their high-level capability is complemented by the expertise of our multi-disciplined specialists. A feature of our team is diversity. The mix of ages, gender, ethnicities, and life experiences adds vibrancy to our culture, and brings a range of perspectives to the creative process.
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Jared Hullten
‍Head of Project Delivery
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Janice Folliard
Strategist and Designer
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Chantal Court
People and Culture Lead
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Jonathan Lowe
Site Manager
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Liezl Van der Linde
Preconstruction Project Manager
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Celia Hamling
Graduate Designer
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Kirsty Robinson
Financial Controller
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John Babatugon
Senior Designer
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Jay Curtis
Strategy Consultant
Brendon Brodie
Associate Business Development Executive - Director
Jonas Brodie
Head of Client Relations and Business Development - Director
Andrew Drake
‍Client Relations and Business Development Executive
Gergely Gaspardy
‍Research and Data Lead
Sophie Spice
David Llano
Andie Ferguson
Finance and Admin
Princy Devasia
Mostyn Whyman
‍‍Site Manager
Studio DB created a modern, professional, and state of the art showroom. We chose Studio DB because they were local and provided both quality products and quality finish in work. Studio DB made a great office space that has increased staff morale, productivity and general well-being.
Cameron Thompson
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