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Advance Build
Advance Build is your transportable home expert. Advance Build's premise was a brand-new site which was client built, so it was very important to them to create an office space that embodied their brand representing their values.

The key deliverable was to have a flexible space that offered multiple options of working for their team. From a central collaboration area, to quiet rooms, 1 on 1 spaces, booths, and zones, this ensured individuals had a choice of what environment they could work from to work at their best.

Whilst it was important to reflect the quality of their product, we needed to ensure that it had hints of a home, whilst catering for the future needs of the business moving forward.

Working with the team, we clearly delineated the difference between the base builder’s scope and ours, to ensure that Advance Build had clarity around the total project budget with the new build of the whole facility.

Advance Build
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Advance Build
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