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AJ Park is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the Australasian region with the track record, broad technological expertise, and services to cover every stage of the intellectual property lifecycle. Set against a backdrop of harbour views, AJ Park’s Auckland office is set across two floors, capturing the essence of the practice through an innovative, highly refined aesthetic.

AJ Park are internationally recognised, leading providers of intellectual property services based in New Zealand. Their work supports constant invention, imagination, and progression throughout the world from the humble shores of Aotearoa. When designing AJ Parks new Auckland workspace, the team at Studio DB aimed to embed a narrative celebrating AJ Parks work protecting local homegrown inventors performing on the international stage.

Studio DB and AJ Park worked closely together to define the workplace strategy, brief and outcomes of the purpose-built space. The revived AJ Park Auckland office celebrates kiwi ingenuity through an embedded showcase of New Zealand finishes, reminding users that kiwis can come up to solutions to any problem, even when the answer is unconventional and requires creativity.

The existing floor plan was impermeable and lacked connection to the surrounding site with inequitable natural light throughout. The new, progressive space plan is arranged to celebrate the surrounding natural views through democratising natural light supporting a natural flowthrough the space. Curved partitions and clever positioning of feature finishes encourage light play and depth throughout.

Spaces are designed for teams, creating a sense of community. The variety of space types ensure employees can use a space to focus, collaborate or unwind taking in the natural views. The design considers the user journey for both employee and client, weaving through the space into open areas similar to that of a forest. The variety of space types facilitate both formal and informal collaboration ensuring that this is an office that will remain suitable for many years to come.

Creative use of local materials, thoughtful furniture choices, softened edges, and framed environmental outlooks work together to formulate a light, comfortable, and homey atmosphere. Material highlights include feature rugs and fabric made from New Zealand wool, wallpaper from New Zealand artists, and a variety of timber finishes. The design introduces lush shades of green through planting alongside a refined palette of blues to further connect those within to the framed views of the harbour.

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The AJ Park office is home to a crisp and refined interior is warmed with planting, New Zealand timbers, and woolen fabrics. The floor plate is arranged to celebrate the incredible natural views and encourage light play and depth in every space.

Throughout the design and construction process, Studio DB worked with AJ Park on their change management strategy. Together we produced a ‘how to use guide’ for the new space and agreed on key principles for use with the design committee. On day one, the design committee was able to show their colleagues around their new space confidently having been across the process from start to finish.

The final product is a functional, refined workspace, strategically suited to drive innovation to deliver the best experience for employees and clients of AJ Park for many years to come.

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