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Ask Nicely
‘Ask Nicely’ is a product with the capability to accomplish the utmost satisfaction to its client shaping a productive and welcoming team. The design team was focused on aligning design outcomes on the company’s values and brief achieving a comfortable and engaging area in the office. They desired a space where the extraordinary team of Ask Nicely could help organizations deliver great customer experience through their sophisticated NPS or feedback product which keeps their client’s teams cutting edge by constant feedback both internally and externally. This application assists team leaders to provide direct training of the players in their particular or immediate area of need rather than a collective training approach.

Our inclination towards nature is limitless. We wanted to blend the use of shrubs and plants in the form of natural breaks and corner highlights while maximizing the natural daylighting for our clients to feel healthy and energetic, In contrast, our contemporary approach to building materials and colour palette has been the highlight for our project.

This office space was a structure that has been demolished and rebuilt and retrofitted to add new seismic-braced ceilings and a combination of wall-to-wall carpeting, vinyl tiles and polished concrete on the floor. Contrasting new and reused furniture has been the eye-catchy element of the space that can be observed. The gold velvet couch at the common area which is the most photogenic space of the office that gives a warm welcome to all team and guests as they step out of the lift. Simultaneously, the blush and blue sofas at the other common areas serve a similar purpose while enhancing the space and promoting an authentic and lively aura.

Ask Nicely
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We aspired a space that looks beyond what is required to fulfil the unseen necessity – User Engagement. The varieties of ‘social pockets’ within the office space provide extensive alternatives for the users to work, conduct meetings and engage in social activities. This provides a transparent and universal experience to the building users as well as their clients and visitors. These implemented interventions and multiple visions for ‘Ask Nicely’ have helped it achieve its goals and live its true mission.

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Ask Nicely
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