With 29 facilities in 17 different regions of New Zealand and over 450 trucks on the road, Bidfood strives to be your most accessible local food supplier, anywhere in the country.

After 16 years in the same premises, and 15 months prior to the break date in their lease, it was time for Bidfood to find a new home. By looking at a number of different sites and seeking input from their staff as to what was and wasn’t important to them, they were able to shape their thinking as to what would and wouldn’t work for them, including taking into consideration future growth.

Their existing offices, whilst large enough in terms of overall footprint, consisted of multiple areas that had been cobbled together over time. The new 1000 sqm office in Central Park provides them with a more modern office layout, with an emphasis on open plan and shared workspaces, whilst still incorporating focus booths, meeting rooms and private offices where necessary, which allows their staff to have access to different types of workspaces to work more efficiently and effectively.

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The design phase had some challenges as we were in and out of lockdown, but ultimately, we landed on a design concept that drew on the freshness of the brand, shown by the use of colours and textures throughout. Because they deliver all over New Zealand so it was important to ensure their new space was a reflection of the brand quality.  

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