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Known as the New Zealand ICT industry's most trusted advisors, Dicker Data’s mission is to inspire, educate and enable New Zealand ICT reseller partners to achieve their full potential through the delivery of unparalleled technology, value-added services, and logistics. Dicker Data approached Studio DB as they were merging with Exceed and were faced with options between relocating with the warehouse, shared space, relocating in the CBD or refreshing their current environment. The space was outdated and did not offer staff enough diversity of choice in how and where they work.

Following Covid and WFH, Dicker Data wanted a workplace that fostered agile working. Working with their leasing agent they worked through a collaborative process between Studio DB and their agent to understand what size they were, where their staff wanted to be located, how they could work with their flexible working policy and giving them the data to make a informed decision about what was best for Dicker Data. This enabled Dicker Data to work with their agent to negotiate a stay put option where the landlord contributed to the works.

When we engaged they were a 1:1 desk ratio but with our data, we have provided them the comfort that they can work fully flexibly and are now ABW and providing a range of different spaces for staff to work including height-adjustable workstations, hot-desking leaners, and booths.

The look and feel direction was inspired by New York loft but balanced with the strong brand themes of Dicker Data with the use of a neutral palette to align with the finishes of the Australian Dicker Data offices. Studio DB used colour playfully in a couple of key areas to add to the energy of the activities that happen in those spaces e.g. the green in the collaboration brainstorm zone, the deep pink in the co-working space, and the dichroic film on the windows of the server room.

The kitchen space features bespoke joinery which doubles as breakout space but also additional agile work point with a flexible selection of furniture so the space can be transformed and used to hold gatherings and events.

Dicker Data
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Dicker Data
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