With approximately 130 sites across New Zealand, GAS aims to provide world-class services with a continual commitment to creating a sustainable, local-driven business model. This ever-growing team of leading petrol service providers needed to relocate to a more suitable Head office location for their staff members and operations. After a careful spatial analysis, DB collaborated with GAS to provide a space for their employees that would offer a productive, fun and lively work environment.

The design intent of the office was to create a cheerful environment that would energize the employees and encourage an open working environment and collaboration. The purpose of connecting people and improving the staff communication was accomplished by creating various work zones – private, confidential, discussion booths and various ‘bump zones’ that further provides spaces to connect. Meanwhile, the heart of the office lies in the indoor plants and lush landscaping that brightens up the interiors with their most naturalistic charm.

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Bold and Bespoke: the colour palette adds a lively character to the office space with its continuous analogous theme. The office space exhibits a perfect industrial charm with its characteristic exposed ceiling and rugged concrete and brick walls defining the style.

Furniture design and specifications were an integral part of the design process. Appetite for attractive and comfortable furniture while keeping in mind the ergonomics was foremost. The company now is proud of its agile working style and takes immense pride in its repetitive success. The overall tone of the space is a bright and subtle realm that creates a lasting impression of inspiration for the generations to come.

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