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Hind Management is a company that specialises in the development, operation, and management of a variety of high-performing hospitality establishments, including hotels, spas, restaurants, and bars with brands like Sudima.

The look and feel draws inspiration and mirror the beauty from the cities and town where their businesses are located implying a strong connection to the local culture and environment.

The concept for Hind Management's Auckland workplace is drawn from the comfort and boldness often associated with hotel interiors. The focus is on creating an environment that radiates comfort and sophistication while maintaining a conducive atmosphere for productivity. The design thoughtfully integrates a carefully selected colour palette, strategically using colour to create focal points and convey a sense of grandeur while maintaining restraint.

To compliment the bold colour choices and infuse warmth into the space, the design incorporates the timeless appeal of warm timber, specifically oak and walnut. These natural materials imbue the workspace with a cosy and inviting ambiance. In addition, feature lighting, custom furniture, and interior planting enhance the overall atmosphere. This design approach reflects Hind Management's unwavering commitment to excellence in creating a workspace that is both welcoming and functional.

Hind Management
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