KPMG provide professional services across Audit, Tax and Advisory to deliver the kind of targeted advice, technical knowledge and industry insights that help them manage risk and embrace opportunities.

Studio DB embarked on a journey that focused on improving KPMG’s lobby; aiming to create a more inviting and functional environment that aligns with their values and promotes community and collaboration.

As it stood, the lobby was a semi-functional space, in the sense that it provided a landing point from the outside and a reception desk with meeting and waiting facilities- but it lacked any sense of KPMG and their values, history and community.

Now, meeting spaces throughout the lobby provide guests and workers with a variety of informal and semi-formal spaces to work and gather. There are nooks and powered work/meet lounges, benches for working and leaners to connect, work, chat and wait. Freestanding meeting rooms provide refuge and work bays shelter..

The outdoor area has given an opportunity to become a valuable extension of the social and entertaining function of the lobby/co-working/cafe for both staff and clients. The bones were already there, but it has been transformed into an area that can be used for ad hoc meetings, lunch and social functions and house BBQ areas, raised seating, screening and outdoor "rooms".

The intent is a community hub. To welcome and connect people, and enable them to work remotely, wherever they are.

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