Landcare Research

Landcare Research
Creating impactful, relevant, and useful research for New Zealand’s biodiversity, biosecurity, land resources, and environment, scientists from Landcare Research are continuously striving to derive the best environmental solutions. Due to the ever-increasing outreach and niche, the company’s current and future needs had to be considered with respect to the number of identities operating out of one office. After a tough and competitive tender process, DB got the opportunity to collaborate with the clients to solve their issues and design a dream office space for them.

Optimizing their beliefs into action – calm, soothing, and subtle palette was offered that incorporated tons of neutrals, whites, natural woods, contrasts, and textures. Clean and crisp lines, geometric intricacies are well appreciated in this space with a major focus on liveability, privacy, and circulation. Sociability and employee wellness were too being integrated in the new proposed office design.

Multiple seating options gave the opportunity to the employees to socially connect, perform discussions, attend meetings and also relax for a while. The break out space includes a onewalled kitchen, bench seating, and island tables with high chairs to introduce a sense of welcoming and ‘at-ease’ atmosphere. From private conference rooms to hold confidential meetings to private quiet zones, there is a wide array of options available to add a touch of comfort and positivity in the office.

Landcare Research
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Nature in itself is a major highlight in the office space. Staggered potted plants, planters, and a huge focal wall highlighting New Zealand’s majestic landscape scenery well describe their specialty, concepts, and beliefs. The main idea of offering an office space that the employees and clients look up to was well delivered. Alongside this conceptual analysis, the other main deliverables that were offered included workplace strategy, design refinement, council compliance, and delivery.

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Landcare Research
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