New Zealand Health Group

New Zealand Health Group (NZHG) is Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest nationwide provider of home and community support services, disability support, rehabilitation, mental health and behavioural support, health staffing, workplace support, sector training, private care, and medical alarms.

The NZ Health Group office is a cosy nest of collaboration. Working together, we maximised the use of the existing fit-out to minimise expenses and enhance sustainability. The redesigned reception area, characterised by its wide layout, seamlessly integrates various internal spaces and client meeting rooms, facilitating convenience for employees to connect and brainstorm. With the walls painted in NZHG’s branding colours, this serves as visual representations of the organisation's core values, infusing the space with a sense of purpose and identity.

With the office space distributed over 2 floors, the interlinking stairwell facilitates flow between both sections and leads to an open plan workspace above. The NZHG space includes collaborative zones and designed break areas to provide opportunities for teams to come together and recharge. This has proven to be a great success for nurturing company culture with teamwork and creativity.

The NZ Health Group office rises above traditional traditional workplace norms, harmoniously blending functionality and innovation to create an environment where individuals are motivated to collaborate within a supportive and conducive atmosphere.

New Zealand Health Group
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New Zealand Health Group
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