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In 2021, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google teamed up for a study that brought together over 100 big names from marketing and IT, covering both B2B and B2B2C companies.
12 Apr
Studio DB

What they found was eye-opening. Brand marketing packs the same punch in the B2B world as it does for everyday consumers. But despite this revelation, it seems like B2B companies are still holding back on putting their money into brand marketing. In fact, nearly a quarter of businesses surveyed said they spend less than 20% of their marketing budget on building their brand.

And get this: a study in 2022 looked across eight countries and highlighted how branding isn’t getting the attention it deserves. But there’s no doubt about it - the businesses that really commit to their branding are miles ahead of those who don’t.

What Does Your Business Space Say to Prospective Clients?

Your workplace is not merely a space - it is the embodiment of your brand, your narrative, and your values. The moment a client steps into this space, their decision is influenced by the emotional resonance, the alignment of values, and the consistency of your brand ethos across all fronts.

But What Does it Mean to Infuse your Brand into your Workspace?

It goes beyond the display of your logo. It's about crafting an environment that leaves a lasting positive mark on your clients’ perceptions. In essence it’s about providing an actual visual and sensory experience of your core values.  

Studio DB’s GEN3 - A Case Study

Introducing Studio DB’s latest achievement, the GEN3 at Sixty Six Studio in, Wellington - This really shows how dedicated we are to mixing our deep-rooted history with the cutting-edge of design and innovation. As the latest jewel in the Studio DB crown, GEN3 at Sixty Six pays homage to three generations of family entrepreneurship, now under the visionary guidance of three brothers.  

Drawing from the elegant essence of 1960s residential architecture, GEN3 at Sixty Six weaves together the threads of the past and the present into a tapestry that speaks of sophistication, nostalgia, forward-thinking and sustainable innovation.

Within its walls, GEN3 at Sixty Six unveils a realm where sleek lines dance with warm wooden hues. The space is a curated collection of vintage-inspired forms, mid-century palettes, and geometric motifs—a nod to our storied lineage and a pathway for our future aspirations.

Through GEN3 at Sixty Six, the brothers have sculpted a space that not only mirrors their shared legacy but also lays the foundation for a future full of possibilities and successes.

Our commitment to openness is tangible the moment you step into GEN3 at Sixty Six space, with our understanding of functionality, technology and engaging spaces not just on display but integrated into real-world applications. This approach not only fosters trust but cements brand loyalty through experiential engagement.

Branding Needs to be Present in Every Aspect of the Workplace

It's an expression that transcends the visual, engaging the senses, embodying your values, and narrating your story - all while forging deeper connections with your clientele.

Highlight Your Brand Consistency

When envisaging design and build updates to your client-facing areas, consider whether your workplace design is consistent with your branded materials. Forbes highlights that a consistent brand presentation can amplify revenue by up to 23%. Your workspace, therefore, should be an extension of your brand narrative, reflecting your industry, your culture, and your values.

Does Your Space Showcase the Pinnacle of your Business?  

In an era where hybrid B2B transactions gain momentum, leverage your physical space to showcase aspects of your business that digital platforms can't capture. Let your space foster an emotional connection and demonstrate values that resonate with your clients.

Tell Your Business Story to Connect Your Clients

Your workspace should narrate your journey, invite emotional engagement, and reflect your values. In a marketplace where buyers often find it challenging to discern between suppliers, let your workspace reflect your core values - be it sustainability, wellness, or community engagement.

Summing Up

Brand consistency is not just beneficial; it's imperative, potentially boosting your revenue by up to 23%.

The example of Studio DB's GEN3 at Sixty Six Studio illustrates the power of design to not only mirror heritage but to also pioneer the future of brand interaction and client engagement.

Let Studio DB guide you in transforming your workspace into an immersive experience of your brand’s ethos, a space that not only tells your story but also elevates your brand in the eyes of your clients. Schedule a chat with us at Studio DB, and together, let's design and build a space that leverages your business goals.

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