Studio DB's Workspace Revolution: Wellness, Sustainability, and Future Productivity

At the forefront of reimagining the workplace, Studio DB has long recognised the essential link between the physical environment and the wellness and wellbeing of those who inhabit it.
12 Apr
Studio DB

The daily ride from home to work and back is a journey filled with opportunities to nurture wellness at every turn. Studio DB embraces this journey, transforming each moment into a chance to support and elevate the employee's experience.

A collation of recent studies presents a fascinating discovery of the way employees view the design and presentation of their current work environments. Consider the following statistics:

  • 85% of workers think that the workplace environment influences their mood and efficiency.
  • 67% of Head of People experts think that an efficient workspace layout enhances employee involvement.
  • A thoughtfully designed work setting can boost employee job fulfillment by 24%.

In this article, we will explore the future of work and the potential shifts it may undergo.

The Commute and Location

Selecting a location that promotes wellness through accessibility to public transport, and facilities for walking and cycling, forms the foundation of a holistic approach to workplace design. The availability of amenities such as nutritious food options and fitness centres within reach complements this philosophy, underscoring the importance of a well-rounded, health-conscious work environment.

Welcoming Spaces

Studio DB designs spaces that welcome employees into a nurturing environment each day, much like the comfort of their favorite café. Incorporating elements of biophilia and creating spaces that allow for a seamless transition into the workday, such as thoughtfully designed meeting areas, are examples of our commitment to an employee-mindful design philosophy.

Work Preferences and Collaboration

Acknowledging the diversity of work preferences, Studio DB emphasises the creation of versatile spaces that cater to individual needs - be it flexible desk arrangements with capacity for integrated technology, areas designed for focused work, or collaborative spaces that foster teamwork and innovation. Our approach is rooted in consultation and the adaptation of spaces that genuinely reflect and support the ways in which people work best.

Daily Needs and Beyond

Understanding that wellness extends beyond the physical, Studio DB enables the integration of social spaces, outdoor breakout areas, and dedicated wellness zones into its designs, recognising the profound impact of such spaces on mental health and overall wellbeing.  

Creating Green Workspaces for Greater Productivity

In an era grappling with the climate crisis, Studio DB stands at the forefront, not merely as observers but as active participants. Inspired by our company’s legacy spanning over 58 years and our commitment to a sustainable building and design ethos, we've taken up the mantle to reduce embedded carbon in construction.  

Our collaboration with Netz Global underscores our commitment. Together, we've forged innovative tools enabling designers to assess and significantly reduce embedded carbon within construction projects. This initiative goes beyond a mere acknowledgment of environmental concerns - it represents our wholehearted commitment to authentic environmental responsibility.

In conclusion

Studio DB's design philosophy combines beauty, practicality, and a strong focus on employee health and wellness. Our 58 years of experience in delivering successful design and build projects across New Zealand, means that we know how to collaborate with our clients to create spaces that surpass the needs and expectations of their users.

Discover how Studio DB can transform your workspace into a business environment of wellness and innovation, leveraging greater productivity. Let’s chat today, and find out how we can help you craft spaces that resonate with your vision, elevate the human experience and more effectively market your brand.

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