Revolutionising Workspace Procurement: The Power of Design and Construct for Modern Businesses and Organisations

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, organisations are rethinking the way they approach workspace procurement. Traditional methods with their potential for cost overruns and uncertainties are giving way to more efficient and accelerated turnkey approaches like design and construct.
27 Sep
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Perhaps your business or organisation is contemplating the need to procure new real estate to take advantage of exciting new market opportunities but you’re just not sure you can afford to do it. This article explores how D&C is reshaping the landscape for modern businesses and organisations by making it easier and more cost effective to scale and adapt to changing market demographics.

Changing Market Dynamics

Expanding Horizons to Take Advantage of New Demographics

One of the driving forces behind this shift is the changing demographics and emerging opportunities across various industries. Companies of all sizes and types are recognising the advantages of establishing a presence in areas with thriving consumer populations whether this be into or away from metropolitan areas. This strategic move allows them to capitalise on new markets and accommodate a growing workforce, making it a trend that transcends sectors and regions.

The Need for Agility

Swift Adaptation through Design and Construct

To succeed in fast-paced markets and meet evolving needs, businesses require the agility to swiftly acquire and adapt properties. Traditional procurement routes often prove inadequate, especially when repurposing ex-commercial spaces for evolving needs. This is where meticulous and data-driven D&C strategies come into play, helping organisations navigate rapid transformations while ensuring cost and timeline predictability.

Time Constraints and Scheduling Flexibility

Meeting the 'Hard Stops' in Workspace Projects

All businesses face their own unique set of time constraints. Projects must adhere to deadlines, necessitating a procurement approach that guarantees timely delivery. Transitioning from traditional methods to D&C offers end to end project management and turnkey delivery options. This empowers organisations to sidestep potential setbacks, allowing for more adaptable scheduling and a laser focus on project outcomes.

Streamlined Communication

Efficiency Through a Unified Provider

With D&C procurement, the communication channel is streamlined through a single dedicated provider overseeing the entire project. This eliminates the complexity of managing multiple contractors, resulting in a more seamless and efficient experience.  

The Budget Bottom Line

Ensuring Cost Predictability

Financial prudence is paramount in any successful project. Historically, conventional real estate procurement routes have been susceptible to unforeseen cost escalations. By embracing the D&C model, organisations can establish fixed contract prices upfront, mitigating the risk of sudden financial demands. This shift minimises both time and cost overruns, offering a more secure financial outlook throughout the project.

Seizing New Opportunities

Expanding Horizons Beyond Workspace

Adopting the D&C approach empowers regional businesses to expand into lucrative consumer markets, including pricey metropolitan areas. This offers a unique chance to broaden their audience, access deeper talent pools, and enhance engagement.

Entering untapped regions also boosts competitiveness within their industries.

Establishing a presence in major consumer population centres fosters collaborations and provides sustained advantages. This leads to commercial growth through scalable workspaces.

D&C procurement enables businesses to seize these benefits efficiently, unlocking a realm of untapped potential.

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