Located on the 3rd level of a building in Tamaki Makaurau, Roche sought to create an environment that harmonized the companies' Swiss roots with the landscape of Aotearoa, while still maintaining its global background.

Blending Swiss Precision with Aotearoa’s Landscape. Roche is a global biotech company and a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics dedicated to transforming medicine and fighting major diseases. With its roots in Switzerland, Roche has grown into one of the largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Their commitment to their employees, partners, stakeholders, and, most importantly, their patient's wellness remains as strong as it was on the first day of their journey.

Studio DB’s design approach revolved around the experiential journey of the New Zealand landscape. Exploring the forest, rivers, mountains, coastlines, and agricultural areas of Aotearoa by metaphorically connecting associations of the landscape to the spatial experience of the workplace while still keeping the patient at the centre and forefront.

The fusion of Swiss precision and minimalism with the vibrant beauty of the New Zealand landscape was achieved by incorporating colour as the main "fusing element." While maintaining the core neutral Swiss colours that represent precision and reliability, vibrant hues of a deep blue colour inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand were introduced, infusing the space with energy and vitality.

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Throughout the workspace, materiality, and finishes were thoughtfully selected to promote well-being and enhance creativity through a connection to nature. Traditional Maori healing plants such as Kawakawa and Harakeke were strategically placed alongside natural timber elements, colours, and textures that corresponded with the local landscape and Roche's values. This integration of indigenous flora added aesthetic value and promoted sustainability and a sense of cultural authenticity.

The aim was to create an environment that not only reflected Roche's corporate identity but also aligned with its international design guidelines.

The Roche workspace is a testament to the successful fusion of Swiss precision and New Zealand's awe-inspiring landscape. Through a meticulous design process and collaboration with Studio DB, Roche has created an unparalleled workplace that not only differentiates itself in the pharmaceutical industry but also embodies its forward-thinking approach to combating major diseases. The integration of natural elements, the innovative use of materials, and the attention to detail all contribute to an exceptional user experience that fosters well-being, creativity, and collaboration.

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