From the beginning T&G Global were keen to do things differently, placing emphasis on collaboration to create a workplace that ensured people and the environment were at the heart of the design. The result is a dynamic, collaborative space that celebrates sustainable finishes within an earthy, natural palette.

The new T&G Global office space, designed by Studio DB aimed to create togetherness though bringing all staff under one roof, providing a place to facilitate relationships between clients and consumers. Studio DB and T&G worked closely together to define the brief, workplace strategy and outcomes of the purpose-built space, inspired by the T&G Global purpose statement:  "From seedlings to fruit bowls around the world, we’re growing a healthier future for our growers, our consumers, our people, our communities and our planet”.

Studio DB incorporated the colourful T&G Global branding, innovative nature, and interest in sustainability to showcase a light, earthy and homey palette that celebrated natural and sustainable finishes. Materials used throughout the fit-out were inspired by the journey each piece of produce takes: Between grower to consumer =natural, agricultural palette Seedling to fruit bowls and variety of produce =pops of colour/texture

Material highlights include the use of carpet made from 100% regenerated yarn manufactured from recovered waste materials, Marmoleum vinyl manufactured from natural, raw materials and natural cork sheets. Brilliant greens, textured wallpaper, flexible furnishings, and lush planting were all part of what made this design successful.

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Studio DB designed 3 different layouts for T&G, 1 of these to allow for future growth to ensure the space was future-proof.

Whilst the staff engagement was going, T&G utilized Studio DBs team to help them negotiate the cash incentive that reflected what the cost of the landlord works really was the quality that they wanted. This helped them speed up the negotiation discussions throughout the process.

Paint colours were selected as the base of the design narrative, using a variety of bright greens and pastel tones reflecting the diversity of agricultural landscape. Wallpaper was selected to mimic orchard and farming geometry with rows of produce, withs pops of colour to reflecting produce types. The wallpaper is found in the meeting and focus rooms, where all the ‘grind’ work gets done, much like picking fruit and harvesting vegetables.  The progressively designed floor plan has been arranged to reflect how the T&G Global team could best work through promoting wellbeing and connection between staff– from the arrival area and the kitchen/breakout space to the open plan workstations and meeting, wellness, and focus rooms. The variety of space types facilitate both formal and informal collaboration ensuring that this is an office that will remain suitable for many years to come.

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