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T&G began a journey to align, business strategy, executives, property, and people. In 2021, we started discussing a process around how we could partner on their journey.

Whilst they knew that shifting was inevitable, their main concern was how they were going to merge 165 staff across 3 sites into 1, with 2 being working offices and 1 being an executive office. Studio DB worked with their team to provide a board presentation that not only covered some of the high-level property options but also gave them the data of what others had been doing / had done to give comfort to the executives that the journey that we were about to embark on had been completed by others.

The process began with a small engagement of gathering data through a series of discussions, 1:1 interviews, surveys, and change management workshops to understand where the T&G organisation was at as a whole. Studio DB worked through the data to provide insights, and educate the executives that what they had wasn’t working and they didn’t necessarily need to wait till their lease was up – which at the time was 3 years away. The data shared gave them certainty around their size, the why, and more of the functional questions they had been asking.

Studio DB designed 3 different layouts for T&G, 1 of these to allow for future growth to ensure the space was future-proof.

The inspiration for the T&G office is light, earthy, and homey. A celebration of sustainable and New Zealand made fabrics and finishes. The interior floor plate has been arranged to bring the outside farming environment inside and encourage collaboration and connection in each space.

Whilst the staff engagement was going, T&G utilized Studio DBs team to help them negotiate the cash incentive that reflected what the cost of the landlord works really was the quality that they wanted. This helped them speed up the negotiation discussions throughout the process.

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