Transport Accident Investigation Commission

Transport Accident Investigation Commission
TAIC’s (Transport Accident Investigation Commission) purpose is to determine the circumstances of selected Aviation, Marine, and Rail accidents and incidents in NZ, with a view of avoiding similar occurrences in the future.

The design was inspired by the 3 main modes of transport they investigate - Air (Aviation), Sea (Marine), and Land (Rail). Certain spaces within the workplace were designed to reflect the aspects of each, for instance, the kitchen, breakout, and lobby spaces were inspired by “Air”, therefore the neutral colour palette with warm, sunny-toned timber accents are used to convey the feelings of light, relaxing and inviting. The meeting spaces were inspired by the ‘Sea’, with the neutral-based colour palette here providing a professional space with the splashes of deep blue tones adding a vibrant twist. Finally, the open plan workspace and offices provide a grounded space with the subtle tones of greensand soft brown giving a refreshing and earthy feel inspired by the ‘Land’.

Transport Accident Investigation Commission
Transport & Infrastructure
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The end result has brought TAIC’s vision to life by creating a space that nurtures their way of working as well as their culture now and into the future.

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Transport Accident Investigation Commission
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