Built to Work - The Evolution of the Workplace

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The evolving nature of the workplace to deliver productivity, cultural connectivity and community.

High performing, people-focused workplaces don’t happen by accident. From yesterday, to today, and into tomorrow, discover what makes a productive work community where everyone thrives. In this white paper, Megan Campbell, a US expert in design strategy, workplace strategy and change management, unpacks the evolution of effective work environments. Megan, together with Studio DB’s Head of Strategy and Design, Kristie Smart further explore how global workplaces have evolved, and the impact on individuals and cultural dynamics through the creation of new environments. It’s a comprehensive study that builds on the data-driven focus Studio DB have developed, identifying and creating technology solutions that further optimise modern workplace design alongside true human insights. ‍If you’re looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, our complimentary white paper series provides digestible information to transform your business workplaces. Download now and enjoy. 

Studio DB’s holistic approach to sustainable design is leading the way for businesses looking to make a real difference with every design and build project. With our insightful overview, your workspace can transform into a place that not only drives new levels of productivity, but also champions environmental responsibility.
15 Apr
Studio DB
Workplace strategy

It's time to reimagine what our workspaces can be – sustainable, beautiful, and a catalyst for positive change. With Studio DB’s proven methodology – Futureproof . Sustainable . Deliver™ – it is not just a possibility; it's a reality.

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