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Maintaining a great office space has become a crucial part of business in the modern era, as it promotes healthy work culture, and staff retention. Further needs for office refurbishment may arise from requirements for more space, a desire to update the space, or accommodating a planned expansion.
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Whatever the reason may be, commercial office interior refurbishments are a significant investment and you want to choose an experienced partner for your project. The guide below should help you find out if an office refurbishment is what you need to invest in.

What is office refurbishment?

Office interior refurbishment is definitely one of the biggest internal investments that a business can make, so it needs to suit the needs and requirements of the business and its staff, and also act as a reflection of brand personality.

Refurbishment can be as simple as painting the walls, or buying new furnishings. On the other hand, it can be as complex as re-doing your flooring plan. Everything in between, big or small, is a part of the refurbishment process. Sometimes, an office interior refurbishment comes as a part of a larger expansion plan to accommodate more staff, or to transform the space into a more productive work environment.

Is office interior refurbishment the right choice for you?

You and your staff need to spend a lot of time in your office, so it needs to be working for you. Ask yourself—what can your office do better? Where is it falling short? After thinking about it, take a look at the following possible reasons behind refurbishment plans:

  • If you started off in a modest space with three or four people under you, but have since grown into a small/medium-sized organisation, it’s possible you’re still operating out of a space that’s too small.
  • Perhaps you’re a B2B business and have corporate clients coming to your office every day. A badly organised work space says a lot about the work culture, and can make a bad impression on a client.
  • If you have a very successful business with an excellent track record, but staff retention has been a constant challenge for you, you may need to update your space and amenities. Does your staff deserve a better workplace that promotes collaboration and communication?
  • Finally, are you planning to expand your business? Do you have enough space for it to materialise? Is your office future proof?

As you can see, office fit out and refurbishment can be necessary for a number of reasons. Ideally, it should be based on your specific needs and requirements as a company.

How to get started on office refurbishment

The first step to an office refurbishment is the planning stage. It’s best to have experts on board to help you clarify the scope of the project. To this end, Studio DB offers a free discovery call, which you can book in today!

Outsourcing office refurbishment

Talk to the experts to ensure your refurbishment goes off without a hitch. Make sure they are best in the business, and can deliver as per your requirements. The interior design experts at Studio DB take pride in renovating office spaces to suit the needs and requirements of any industry. Get in touch with our professionals today!

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