Designing Your Office to Reflect the Culture You Want

Your office design will have a significant impact on the level of productivity your staff can achieve, but what if it also influenced the culture in your workplace? In the modern corporate world, cultivating and sustaining a positive, inclusive, and healthy workplace culture is a higher priority than ever before. Increasingly, business owners and managers are turning to innovative design ideas to sculpt an environment that will yield the culture they seek to instil in their workplace.
14 Dec
Studio DB

Here are some helpful design solutions for your office that your interior design company can help you achieve.

Identify your company’s values

You can’t pursue the culture you want unless you can clearly define what you want that culture to be. A great starting point for any office design or redesign is to write out your company values and code of culture. Consider your new design an opportunity to communicate what you wish to stand for and recommit your team to those principles.

Work with the space you have

You can’t force your dream design on a space that isn’t built for it. Adapting the needs of your business and staff to the capabilities of your office space is the first and most essential compromise you’ll need to make in your office design. Your office layout needs to reflect your office values without appearing unnatural in its space.

Decide what you can and cannot compromise on. Is your business committed to group collaboration? If you had to choose, take the group workspaces over the private pods. Do you want to communicate sleek professionalism and seriousness? Sacrifice the games room for corner offices.

Most of all, don’t just throw things into your design because they seem trendy. Make every square metre of your office space count and carefully consider which design elements you need and have room for.

Choose the right design elements

Think about every element of your office design and ask yourself if it can be harnessed to embody your workplace culture.


Colour plays a major role in setting the mood for your office. Do you want loud, neon colours to encourage a fun, outgoing environment? Perhaps consider finished brass and stained mahogany for stately elegance and elite professionalism. Muted pastels might suggest an office that is calm, collected, and adaptable.


Furniture and furnishings will also go a long way toward influencing your office culture, as these will directly impact how your staff interacts and engages with their space. Seating arrangement can encourage collaboration or offer isolating privacy. Consider pot plants to suggest a culture of sustainability and tranquillity. Wall hangings celebrating your business’s past accomplishments can help build a culture that celebrates the history and tradition of the office and strives to live up to past achievements.

Spatial Planning

Is your office heavily segregated by task or do all departments intermingle throughout the day? Is the hierarchical pecking order of your staff visible through your layout, or do all workers appear equal? Spatial planning will heavily impact how your workers interact with each other. Whether you want to celebrate the status of your office’s highest achieving members or you want everyone to consider themselves equals among a team with a common goal, your office layout is key.

Bold designs for a bold culture

Let your office reflect your company’s ambition. Studio DB offers the best available help for your office relocation Auckland has to offer. If you know what your business stands for but don’t know how to enact it through dynamic, innovative office design, contact Studio DB today to schedule a consultation.

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