Five Stages of Implementing an Agile Office

If you’re a business owner, you may have heard of the agile office fit out. As industries evolve, it’s important to keep up with progress in order to avoid being left behind. Having an optimal office layout for your work environment is a key part of this. Implementing solutions that fit your specific culture, values, and resources allow you to produce a workplace design and concept which welcomes more staff and engages current staff on a much deeper level.
14 Dec
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In this article, we want to take a look at the basic map of milestones for how to get there, so you have some idea of what to expect when pursuing an agile office at each stage. Let’s jump right in!

1. Concept

Before any work can be done, you need the cornerstone of an idea. Collaboration between all major players in a project is vital – if the designer comes up with all of the ideas, there will be no sense of ownership by the client over the finished space. Close collaboration is key.

Studio DB works to build communication between everyone involved in an office space fit-out and helps create concise drafts based on the key priorities brought forward by clients. This ongoing dialogue between a designer and a business is where the core concept for a project comes from, as being involved from the start is the best way to stay involved throughout.

2. Planning

Once key concerns have been identified, it’s important to plan changes that will directly improve the conditions your staff are working within. Studio DB tends to both take notes from clients on changes, but also perform independent studies of workplaces to identify potential areas for optimisation. Being able to look around a space and get a feel for its physical limitations – and possibilities – is a key step toward achieving the agile office space of your dreams.

3. Design

At this stage, both streams of information – concepting and planning – come together. In the design phase, we start making clear decisions and prepping the solutions to implement. Here at Studio DB, we handle every step of this process ourselves, rather than outsourcing design work. This reduces the chance of wires getting crossed and the design elements shifting drastically away from initial plans. This is another important point toward ending up with an ultimate office interior.

4. Execution

Studio DB carries out designs quickly and efficiently, with the central goals laid out in the beginning guiding any further decisions that need to be made. This execution phase differs considerably based on the requirements of you and your team, but we always aim to make renovations as painless and professional as possible. The implementation of an agile office fit out will ultimately boost productivity, but during its integration, you can count on Studio DB to be flexible and transparent about being part of your space.

5. Moving Forward

Once changes have been made, you might think the process is complete. However, implementing an agile office layout is an ongoing process! The best way to achieve optimum performance is to continually adjust solutions in practice, tweaking them in response to use.

Whether or not you moved out for the execution phase, re-discovering your workspace can be exciting, but it’s not the end. Reviewing the changes can be a great way to find even better ways to serve your employee’s needs, and help them boost your bottom-line.

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