Future proofing your office space

It’s the double edged sword of business success.
14 Dec
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You’ve reached a point where your business is experiencing growth, your team has expanded inevitably AND outgrown the office space.

Indeed, accelerated growth is a challenging aspect of running a business, it can sometimes even be detrimental to a company (depending on if you’re a glass half empty type of person).

Regardless of this fact, directors need to be able to sustain such changes and manage the delicate balancing act between investing in key resources too soon and too late.

So what to do?…

What you don’t want to do is invest in a work environment that will not be used long term. Therefore jumping ship without proper planning, thought and research is ill advised.

Nor do you want to overcrowd a space at work and make it hard for people to concentrate.

The alternative is pf course to get the most out of your current office, in the lead up to investing in a larger location.

Here’s how….

1. Minimize & Minimalize Your Existing Office Fixtures & Utilize Multi Functional Furniture

Large, clunky and awkward office furniture is a thing of the past. If your workplace is riddled with traditional office furniture, you could be significantly limiting the number of team members you can comfortably accommodate.

Studio DB offers inexpensive, space-saving options that are also stylish. Our lean furniture items prioritize functionality and help our clients maximize even the smallest of office spaces as well as those moving to an open work environment. In this circumstance we also address any concerns about noise in an open office by installing acoustic solutions and fittings throughout the office space.

2. Improve Agility with Designated Areas & Build Privacy Into the Design

Creating diverse spaces at work is a simple way to maximize the space and create effective areas that suit the varying needs of teams.

In addition, lack of privacy is a common criticism of open plan offices. To effectively utilize your office set up and keep your staff happy, look at setting up designated and private areas such as; acoustic phone booth, conference rooms, quiet and break out zones.

3. Hot-desking to future proof

If your business is not in a growth conundrum but has plans for expansion, our advice is to think about introducing a hot-desking area in your office design, BEFORE creating a fixed workstation. Our clients who have implemented hot desks, have experienced cost savings associated with having to change an existing area to fit more desks in. Not only that, hot-desks promote agility and privacy.

Identifying the right time to move to a larger office is far from simple. If now is not the right time for your company, there are ways to managing space with your growing team , turning “confined and congested” into “energetic and team-spirited.” By maximizing your space efficiency, as well as managing where your team are in the office, you can get the most out of your space while creating a tighter, more collaborative team.

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