How technology trends are impacting workplace design

In recent years the modern workplace has been transformed by new technology supporting enterprise networks, cloud computing, and mobile working with tablets and phones. These developments have a profound impact on employee job satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.
14 Dec
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Remote Working

It is becoming increasingly rare for the modern office’s employees to work only from within their corporate office.

The wide availability of high-speed connections, secure corporate networking and cloud systems enables today’s office worker to perform their roles from home, public or co-working spaces or even while travelling. The improvements this has made to business operations is undeniable, with higher employee job satisfaction and productivity thanks to the reduced stress and increased flexibility of being able to work anywhere and anytime.

Workplace Flexibility

The right technology gives employees additional flexibility in the way they work and improves collaboration and overall productivity.

An efficient work environment accommodates the needs of each role with their required technologies, rather than everyone using the same technology which is imperfectly suited to any specific role.

By providing each of your teams with the tools they need to perform their roles effectively you can create a work culture that empowers staff to be in control of the way they work.

Employee Mobility

Employees need to be able to access, edit and share information and assets from any location. This will often involve using a mobile phone or tablet instead of a computer, so make sure your technology enables this and works seamlessly on all devices.

Base your technology around the needs of your employees and how each team needs to collaborate and share information to prevent mobile working from impacting your productivity.

Most office workers now expect mobile working opportunities from their employer, so to keep a high level of job satisfaction and retain the best talent it is vital to empower your people to work their way.

Virtual Teams

An ever-increasing number of businesses are building teams across the globe in order to access the best talent. Shared digital workspaces, social enterprise platforms and video conferencing all create better opportunities for distributed teams to collaborate on projects and bring new members of the team up to speed.

As you would expect, a reliable and robust high-speed internet connection is a vital component of any business making use of virtual teams. You don’t want your teams to spend half their working day waiting on a slow network or resolving connection issues instead of working and communicating.

When it comes to choosing your networking and virtual working technologies, reliability and complete support for your teams’ roles and tasks should come before having the latest technology with bells and whistles your business has no need for.

Need a strategy to align your technology with your workplace design? Get in touch and we can talk you through how we will improve your employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity with our office design and technology solutions.

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