How to Seamlessly Implement Branding in Your Office Design

These days, brand identity is increasingly vital to a company’s success. With so many options available to consumers today, and so many channels through which brands can communicate, a distinct and memorable brand is often the difference between success and failure. We all know that branding is important for shop fronts and web pages where customers are most likely to see it, but should you be effectively branding your office interior as well?
14 Dec
Studio DB

The truth is, branding is a key component in the interior fit outs of today. Modern office spaces need to be just as distinct and memorable as those shop fronts and web pages! Continue reading to learn how you can seamlessly implement branding in your office design.

Why branding matters in office design

Branding in your office interior helps make your staff feel a part of something specific, enhancing their relationship with the company. This relationship is vital to a healthy workplace culture. The success of the company is the shared goal of the different teams and departments within your office, and effective interior branding can help keep employees mindful of this. Branding can also make an interior more fun and personal than a featureless office with blank walls.

How to implement branding in your office design

1. Create an office that lives in the present

Too many office workers exist in a static environment that never changes from year to year. However, effective branding should be dynamic and up to speed with the goings-on in your office. Integrate spaces and surfaces in your office design where you can celebrate upcoming events, rollouts for new products or services, and spotlight new or high-performing team members. Your teams will be more engaged and even productive if they and their hard work are reflected within their own workspace.

2. Communicate your company goals

Branding is a great way to reinforce what your company stands for. Office designs can communicate a great deal without words, but sometimes some simple messaging can make it a bit more explicit. Consider some wall-mount lettering or dynamic screens that can drive home your company’s goals.

3. Use branding to direct traffic

Visiting clients are drawn to interior branding because they feel it is directed toward them. This makes it an effective tool to guide foot traffic within your office. For your office workers, branding often gives the impression that areas are more communal and less exclusive, which can help keep channels clear.

4. Blend the physical with the digital

Digital signage is an increasingly popular option for today’s offices, with illuminated, eye-catching graphics offering a modern and professional polish to an interior. Try to strike a balance between these digital branding options and some physical branding options to create an office both grounded in its history and eyeing its future.

5. Where brand attitude and office culture meet

What do your clients think of when they consider your brand? A strong brand evokes certain feelings in their audience, but are those the same feelings you want in your office? In most cases, yes! You want your staff to embody the values you communicate to your customers, but you don’t want to lose track of the core goals of healthy workplace culture and office wellness. Find where these two priorities lie and build your office branding out from there.

Interior branding that makes a difference Interior branding is a key indicator of a company’s confidence. Office workers who are proud of the work they do and the brand they associate with, and will inevitably respond positively to great office branding, so partner with Auckland’s leading office fit out company to bring your brand to life from the inside out! Contact Studio DB today to learn more.

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