Metaverse and Workspaces: A See-Saw of Virtualness and Reality

The virtual world is turning into reality! Metaverse isn't futurism anymore. Organizations are swiftly adapting themselves to the virtual reality world. Metaverse is an expansive, cloud-based social environment wherein 3D avatars are the point of interaction for various corporate needs. Metaverse has facilitated ease of work wherein you can still deliver your job while enjoying a holiday. It has augmented business opportunities for organizations, employees, and every client, as they can work from a digital base without compromising comfort and productivity.
23 Feb
Studio DB

A Virtual Workspace!

The traditional picture of an office goes like this - some fifty or hundred employees sitting at their work desks, collaborating or working with their colleagues on the office premises. But with metaverse in action, virtual reality (VR) software has enabled employees on a hybrid platform to deliver both at the physical workplace and while working remotely across distances. Metaverse has magnified the workplace through core technologies like VR, augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR). 

The reason behind this is that they still are not aware of the potential of the metaverse. The metaverse will help augment speed and collaboration and reduce the need for office spaces while functioning.

No wonder why businesses are going minimalist!


A sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson was the first to coin the term metaverse in his novel - Snow Crash which was used to define a 3D digital world. Another sci-fi geek - Matthew Ball, has elucidated metaverse as a massively scalable, practical, synchronized, and persistent 3D world that facilitates continuous, real-time data.

Metaverse has forced businesses to re-think and reshape the concept of "workplace" while considering factors such as using digital technologies and tools, modifying workspaces, and facilitating better collaboration with employees and clientele. In the initial stages, the research brought reduced productivity, nausea, motion sickness, and several other unproductive options. But now, when the virtual workspace has already taken the shape of reality, the outcomes are a mixed bowl of fruitful results. The ease of working today has been like never before!

But, with the pros comes the cons too!

With the evolving metaverse, getting a hold of it could be tricky. Every business will have to look at the dimensions they could explore and experiment with. It could shake the concept of diversity and inclusion as the physical world is already a challenge to give equal opportunity to people. And moving to the digital one could be another challenge to make the technology accessible.

Impact on Workplace Interiors:

Digital transitions have already ignited creativity in every dimension of work and leisure today. This has led to the demand for a flexible, tech-friendly, minimalistic, open, yet private workspace arena for employees. Especially post-pandemic, the need for digital and distant working has multiplied threefold. Businesses look for interiors catering to distanced and virtually connected spaces to respond to employees' physical, social, and emotional needs today. 

Designers are feeling challenged to teach the best fit into digital spaces. For instance, using biophilia in workspaces is an option to go natural and subtle in terms of design. Interior designers are building holistic business environments bearing costs and aesthetics in mind. It has even led to minimizing material costs and defining minimal yet functional strategies. 

Studio DB Honning Digital Requirements

Studio DB is a leading commercial interior design, office fit-out, workplace stragety and furnishing business. We interweave culture and personal well-being to ensure each project starts and ends with customer satisfaction. Our design team is transparent with their work because our number one priority is creating relationships based on a shared vision and mutual respect. Originating from Whangarei, we've been in business for 57 years and work in Auckland, Sydney, Whangarei and Wellington. 

With the advent of the metaverse, we are proud to have expert designers acing into the idea of being digital. In this short drift, we have successfully delivered projects demanding minimal and aesthetic office spaces to give way to the metaverse in their daily functioning. We provide highly functional office interiors giving room for privacy and openness at the same time. With us, offices will surely experience enhanced teamwork and collaboration, co-presence, accessible operations, safety, and an encouraging and productive work environment. 

If achieving an efficient workspace is a challenge for you, we could help you attain it!

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