Modern Workplace Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

With 2019 in the books, it’s time to cast our eyes forward and examine what 2020 will have in store for the world of commercial office design!
14 Dec
Studio DB

As always, interior designers in New Zealand face exciting challenges working in a rapidly evolving business world, as new technologies and shifting employee needs drive the demand for innovations. What challenges will be met in 2020? Continue reading to find out!

1. Sustainable materials and practices

The demand for sustainable design in all facets of our lives is only growing and seems set to continue that growth for the foreseeable future. This should be an exciting opportunity for businesses as we roar into the 20s, as many of the innovations and technologies driving sustainable design are becoming both more cost-efficient and effective. This means that businesses can take innovative, achievable steps to drastically cut their energy costs and help the environment at the same time. Sustainable office design has never been more practical, nor has it ever been more important.

2. Reconciling remote working with the need for community

Rising commuting costs and the growth of mobile technology and networks have resulted in a greater number of workers doing their jobs remotely and from the comforts of their own home offices. This is great for workers who don’t lose hours of their day commuting to and from work, and helpful to companies that need less office space to operate.

However, a strong sense of community remains vital for any healthy business, so expect office and workspace design in 2020 to embrace these competing ideals in exciting new ways. Offices may design for unassigned desk layouts as workers cycle in and out of the office on remote work rotations, while others repurpose their extra space in ways that encourage greater collaboration while integrating webcams and other remote technologies to keep everyone in the fold.

3. Wellness, wellness, wellness

Employee wellness is driving workspace design more than ever before. Once dismissed as a perk or privilege, businesses are increasingly recognising that employee well-being translates directly to higher quality and productivity.

Natural light remains one of the greatest commodities an office can offer, alongside ergonomic workstations. Additionally, clever ways to overcome the pitfalls of open-plan offices—high levels of ambient noise, lack of privacy, etc.—are driving some of the most interesting breakthroughs in modern workplace design, such as acoustic pods and private work booths.

4. Preserving history

Rising property values are driving offices out of bustling city centres and into suburban commercial districts. An interesting result of this has been the rise of unconventional office spaces. Old factory floors and industrial buildings are being repurposed as modern offices and preserving the history of such spaces is central to their charm. Designing office spaces that acknowledge and celebrate their buildings’ pasts is resulting in some of the most stylish and memorable offices available today.

5. Dynamic, flexible, & scalable spaces

The office environment is changing, and the rapid pace of that change needs to be incorporated into modern workspaces. Offices today must be designed to change as needed. Developing flexible, multi-purpose spaces allows workers to use their space in ways that suit their evolving needs, without having to bend their tasks to fit rigidly purposed boardrooms and desks.

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