Occupancy Sensors and its Dependency Post-Pandemic

From experiencing automated doors to smoke detectors to automatic lights, every robotization you can perceive is only occupancy sensors. 
16 Mar
Studio DB

The pandemic has been a historic phase. Work, leisure, sports; everything just reached a standstill.

And owing to everything affected, people have started expecting the maximum out of a thing, place, or person. When we say workplace, the demand for a highly efficient, effective, and result-oriented workroom is rising magnanimously. Modern workplaces should be designed to offer every employee the best working experience. Even employers want to restrict everything and track every activity on the premises to note the productivity or results of how well the business is performing.  

Workplace sensors are where everything starts or counts.

Among the many inventions and developments, one of the prime attractions is the occupancy sensors. These detectors have helped workplaces tremendously in every aspect. Modern world cultures demand automation and ease of functioning. This stipulation has augmented the installation of workplace occupancy sensors as an integral part of everyday office life to improve agility, utilisation, and efficiency in the work environment.  

Workplace Goals

Any amendment begins with understanding and outlining the needs and wants of professional space. If the vision of what you want from a workplace is clear, you stand a high probability of clearly teaching the right things in the place. The same theory goes for the installation of workplace sensors. Whether you are questioning the long-term viability of your workspace due to low occupancy, aiming to increase the occupancy level, or both in multiple locations, everything could be addressed with these robotic sensors. There can be numerous questions to consider, so it’s better to start early and consider the needs!

Once you are clear with what you have envisioned, the time comes to find out the finest sensors of all. Today, let us ponder what goes behind installing the perfect detectors to enhance the workplace.

1. Ease of Installation

One of the prime things to consider while igniting the thought of occupancy sensors is to figure out the ease of installation and swiftness with the robotization. Whether a small or big workplace, when it comes to sensor installation, every employer looks forward to covering everything in the capacity to get the maximum optimization of the place, including work desks, meeting rooms, phone booths, cafeterias, and entry & exit points. In lieu of full coverage, one expects minimal time in every installation and quickness in the immediate data transfer.

2. Maintenance Needs

Another crucial aspect of the occupancy sensor is determining the amount and frequency of maintenance to keep the sensors in good health for an extended period. People want to avoid getting into manual alterations soon after the sensors are installed at the workplace. For the same, you need to make sure that you look carefully into some key considerations. The first and foremost noteworthy thing is whether you plan to go ahead with wireless or mains-powered occupancy sensors. If you install mains-powered sensors, the need to change sensor batteries gets eliminated automatically. But when the wired devices are installed, it automatically invites hassles and restrictions. Hence, it is often advised to move ahead with the wireless ones as they are easy to install and maintain and have long-lastingness.

3. Scalability

Any solution is subject to scalability at all levels and costs. This holds fundamental importance as analysing how easy and future-oriented the solution is crucial. Considering the workplace needs, all the occupancy sensors must be subject to easy installation and maintenance for every corner of your workplace.  

But what’s next?

Once all the robotics and sensors are aligned to where they should be, or how they should be; it’s time to monitor and observe how these automatons have facilitated.

  • Management of hot-desking and hybrid work culture together
  • Decisions are driven by data and analytics
  • A clear understanding of the hotspots of the premises
  • Keeping track of the productive areas  
  • Creating spaces that enhance the work experience of an employee

A loud YES to these sensors!

To infer from everything we discussed above, “strong” is a weaker word to justify the value of these occupancy sensors!

So, suppose workplace occupancy sensors are on your checklist for a perfect workplace environment that fosters productivity and occupancy in the right direction. In that case, we can help you find the perfect one!

Connect with us to learn more about the occupancy sensors and their impact on your daily work life.

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