Preparing for a Return to the Office

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The Guide on How to Prepare for a Return to the Office

Our eBook is a guide for executives structuring a prepare for a return to the office. It provides information on the importance of how optimising the workspace can benefit not only employees’ productivity but also value their time spent in the office. This eBook contains data that has been collected from a sample of companies representing 40,000 based staff. Download now to gain some insight!

As businesses are getting back to the office, many companies are now including the hybrid working model - bringing workers in two or three days per week and otherwise working from home. This is a data-driven and human-centric approach and has been proven to help make workspaces be more creative and productive.
6 Mar
Studio DB
Workplace strategy

In the wake of the pandemic, the role of the office has drastically affected efficiency levels. We’ve seen a strong shift in how companies are approaching the physical workspace. The office design is now more than ever, an important aspect for employees.

Future proofing your workspace and facilitating a hybrid model are the bottom-line factors of any organization. This is where the design of the physical workspace needs to excel and be at the next level to bring the best out of people.

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