What Your Office Interior Says About Your Business

First impressions count for a lot in the business world. More than just eye contact and a firm handshake, your clients and guests will make many assumptions about the nature of your business based on your office interior.
14 Dec
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Your office communicates the nature of your business in both subtle and obvious ways. Much of the message your office sends can be refined through smart office design. However, your office will also inevitably reflect the attitudes and behavior of the people working in it. Some of these messages are obvious, like piles of clutter on desks or particularly loud colors. Other details are not obvious and can only be felt rather than acknowledged.

So, what does your office interior say about you? Below, we look at five important messages that offices often strive to convey, and what sends (or undermines) those messages.

1. Your business is in control

Surely you want your clients to leave your office feeling like they are in good hands. Visitors want to feel secure in their decision to work with you, so communicating an aura of authority is important. Businesses that are in control of their space make just such an impression.

Offices that are tidy and efficient tell visitors that this business has a process and a system for everything. Spatial planning plays a central role in communicating a coordinated team. An office makeover, ensuring the most modern workflow solutions, tells your visitors that business operations are well-managed and your client base receives the same quality in the work delivered.

2. Your business is focused

Do visitors to your office come away thinking you’ve got your eyes on the prize? Austerity in your office can mean fewer possible distractions for workers. While visitors and clients may not notice the absence of distractions, the resulting focus of your entire staff will be evident.

3. Your business is a big deal

Some businesses are bold and established, striving to send the message that their achievements are to be respected. Walls lined with framed awards and certifications showcase an office that is proud of the work it does. Dark colours on the walls draw attention to these framed monuments to a business’s success.

Photos of upper management alongside famous business leaders is a good way to demonstrate credibility. Spacious offices with private spaces give the impression of productive working flexibility.

4. Your business is dynamic

Some businesses want you to know that they are thinking outside the box. The hallmark of creativity in the workspace is a collaboration, and the hallmark of collaboration is the open plan office. Vibrant colors also send the message that your office isn’t content to play by the normal rules. Unconventional seating such as stools or bean bags suggest workers who view problems from different perspectives.

5. Your business is welcoming

Aa comfortable place to sit in the waiting room tells visitors that you value them. Sure, your staff are the primary benefactors of your office design but remembering the people who will spend only minutes in your office are also the ones supporting your company with ongoing revenue.

Soft, pleasing colours can help to put guests at ease. A water cooler accessible to guests and a handful of magazine subscriptions are often appreciated. Offices that think about more than just the comfort and efficiency of their staff but also the experience of their visitors send a message that their priorities are in order and that visitors are valued.

Send the right message with your office

Your office is one of your business’s most significant statements. What does yours tell your visitors?
If you’re looking for help creating an office environment that perfectly reflects the culture and aspirations of your business, contact Studio DB today to set up a consultation.

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