What’s the Square Meter Price for an Office Fit-Out?

How much will an office fit out cost you? How much should it cost? How much can you afford and how do you stick to your budget?
20 Jun
Studio DB

Investing in a newer, smarter office can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, Studio DB specialise in helping clients navigate the expenses of an office fit out. You want to focus on creating the perfect office, one that is comfortable for your employees and sends a message to potential clients of your quality and professionalism. Over above all is to focus on using your space to the full potential.

If you are considering a fit out for your office soon, continue reading to learn what you should expect to invest, how to break down the costs, and how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to a budget blowout.

What are our square meter prices for an office fit out?
Typically, fit outs can be done one of two ways: a soft fit out and a hard fit out. Soft fit outs are less comprehensive and only involve changes to office furniture and spatial planning. Hard fit outs are more comprehensive and can involve construction work and changes to structural elements like wiring, climate control, safety systems, floor coverings, wall treatments, and window glazing, among others.

A soft fit out (also often referred to as a furniture fit out) typically range in price from $300 to $1,000 per square meter.

A hard fit out will range between $800 and $2500 per square meter depending on the complexity and quality of finishes. However, some projects can go up to $6000 per square a meter.

Understanding your office fit out price range.

The cost range of your office fit out will depend on several factors. One key indicator of the price of an office fit out is whether you wish to preserve the original look and feel of the office environment. Or will your fit out need to be preceded by a strip out? These are the typical elements that will factor in the budget of your office fit out:

Change management and work place strategy
Audio/visual equipment
Ceilings, doors, floors, frames, and partitions
Decorations and fixtures
Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing
Furniture (chairs, desks, cupboards, etc.)
Preliminary consultation and planning
How many of these fit-out elements will you take into account for your new office design? Speak to us at Studio DB.

How to avoid a budget blowout Budget blowouts are the reality for too many New Zealand business owners. Surprises, setbacks, and undisclosed expenses can add up to much more than you originally planned to spend. A comprehensive plan to bring your fit out to ground without overshooting your budget must be a priority. This begins with finding the right office fit out company. Transparency and responsiveness are key indicators that an office design firm have your best interests at heart. A fit out company with extensive experience in interior design Auckland wide will be more likely to anticipate all potential expenses and help you plan accordingly. An office fit out is a major undertaking and with the uncertainty of budgeting for such a project, many business owners are too intimidated to make the changes their office deserves. Fortunately, Studio DB are specialists delivering the quality you expect within the budget you require. Contact Studio DB today to get started!

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