Why it pays to put time and effort into Break Room Design

Ask your staff which space in your office is the most important. They might be biased, but many would be inclined to bring up the break room. The break room is a mainstay in any modern Kiwi office design, but there are good reasons to be mindful of its design and effectiveness.
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Break rooms are more than just a charitable service offered to staff. They are one of your office’s most important designed spaces, an opportunity for staff to recharge and maintain their best potential throughout the workday. As you well know, a staff member that regularly reaches their potential can also equal a business that regularly reaches its potential.

So, how do you measure the success of your break room and how will it benefit your working environment? Continue reading to learn the break room essentials!

Benefits of a great break room

Most savvy business owners know that happy workers are productive workers. Break rooms are a tried-and-true method of boosting staff morale, which reflects positively on the success of the business. Here are some of the tangible benefits of an effective break room.

  • Greater productivity – It may seem counterintuitive that workers spending more time in the idle confines of a break room would produce greater output. However, studies have reinforced this position time and time again. Employees who can step away from their work for a moment and recharge often enjoy more energy and focus for more of the workday.
  • More open communication – Break rooms are more than just a space to unwind. They also bring workers together, acting as a convergence point where workers from different departments can learn more about each other. Even in open plan offices, these strengthened interpersonal relationships often manifest in the office through heightened collaboration and teamwork, thus improving the overall quality and efficiency of the company.
  • Improved health and wellbeing – Allowing staff to step away from the stress and rigour of their work has a measurable effect on health and wellbeing. Workers who can relax often take fewer sick days. That means fewer disruptions at work and fewer staff-related expenses.
  • Less employee burnout and turnover – Workers that feel relaxed and supported are far more likely to remain in their position. Higher retention in your office reduces overhead recruitment costs and improves your business’s relationship with clients. Familiar faces build trust among clients and benefit your reputation.
  • More competitive recruiting – In order for your business to be the best, you need to attract the best talent. When potential recruits are offered competitive wages, benefits, and titles from several different prospective employers, it could well be the little details that set you apart. Consider your break room one of the more effective recruiting tools in your office space.
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What makes a great break room?

Break rooms come in many shapes and sizes. Interior designers are constantly inventing new ways to make break rooms more comfortable and dynamic. If you’re looking for some interior design ideas to make the most of your break room, consider these essentials.

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee – No office is complete without access to a good brew. Because younger workers appreciate the value of a good coffee, many offices today invest in coffee stations with milk, sugar, stacks of mugs and spoons, and even a Nespresso machine.
  • Comfortable seating – Posture is an ongoing concern at an office workstation. One way to help workers relax is to give them a space where they can kick back and take some strain off their backs. Many modern break rooms include nice sofas or bean bag chairs so that staff can sprawl for a few minutes.
  • Dining area – Nobody wants to eat at their desk! Break rooms should include more than just a microwave and a folding table. Spacious dining tables, dishwashing basins, refrigerators, and kitchenettes send the message that workers need not rush their meal and return directly to work.
  • Games – A welcome distraction or two can really help your workers focus. Billiards, ping pong, or foosball tables, and video games or board game shelves can substantially boost morale.
  • Healthy options – One of the best ways to encourage health and wellbeing among your staff is to provide access to healthy options. Consider a weekly delivery of fresh fruits. Set aside space in your break room for weekly yoga lessons (and feel free to provide the mats).

Build the break room your staff deserves

Ultimately, an effective break room will have a positive effect on your business’s bottom line. Don’t be lazy when it comes to your break room. Consider it an opportunity to invest in your staff and the future of your company.

Studio DB is one the most trusted names when it comes to interior design nationwide. If you’re ready to take your break room to the next level, contact us today to arrange your consultation!

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