Workplaces That Increase Employee Productivity and Retention

“Improving surroundings is directly linked to maximising productivity.” Are you having trouble retaining employees? Employee retention has always been a challenging task for hiring managers. How can you retain employees when 38% of individuals reported wanting to quit their organisations in the next 6 to 12 months?
17 Mar
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You can now follow the lead of what the market giants are executing. The world’s best-performing organisations are adapting to the dynamic workplace designs that meet the needs of employees. Even market-leading companies like Google and Apple are creating and retaining collaborative work environments for their employees. In this constantly changing world, you must concentrate on evolving and adapting to the change with time.  

Our physical environment greatly impacts our well-being, and it's the same with workspaces. Hence, workplace optimisation supports your employees to work more enthusiastically and efficiently.  

Here's how your workspace enhancements impact employee productivity, experience at work and retention.  

Why is workplace design crucial?

The workspace designs from the past followed a minimalist approach which consists of muted colour themes, limited collaboration, and wellness areas. But research has shown that designs of physical workspaces impact the performance of employees.  

A study, “An Overview of the Influence of Physical Office Environments Towards Employees,” listed the critical design elements that directly affect employee engagement and productivity as mentioned below:  

  • Office layout and design
  • Temperature
  • Colour
  • Noise
  • Plants

Here are the key reasons you must consider workspace design optimisation:

Boosting existing employees' engagement

Giving your employees a customised workplace design helps them choose the space they feel like working in; depending upon the tasks and activities they must go through helps them perform better. According to MIT and Erasmus University research, the ideal characteristic of an intelligent organisation is providing choices when employees are given choices of workplace designs that boost their productivity, engagement, satisfaction, and empowerment. Hence, all of these results in employee retention.  

A University of Warwick study stated that 12% of productivity increases through happiness. Now you have the key reason to develop your workspace.

Providing employees with a customised working environment makes them feel veiled and excited about starting their day in your company. Incorporating breakout spaces, lounge areas, coffee spots and booths help build collaborations and more informal interactions.  

Today organisations are incorporating innovative technologies into their workplace for employee well-being – everything from stand-up stations, treadmill desks and meditation rooms are gaining popularity.

Enhance creative thinking

Ever tried to think creatively while looking at a pale white clinical desk and screens? The two designs never go well, so building a creative and innovative workspace is necessary.  

Surrounding colours and patterns impact our productivity and performance. The colours you are surrounded by provoke different reactions in your brain cells that impact individuals' moods and productivity.  

Inducing yellow and orange in your workspace inspires creativity, innovation, and positive emotions in the workplace. Open spaces, reflection zones, and fresh air encourage your brain into a diffused mode – perfect for creative and innovative thinking.

Enables focus

If you need space to focus, you might find it frustrating to get through your tasks in a noisy open office space.  

Building smart workspace designs cater to all kinds of neuro-diverse people by developing focus rooms, collaborative spaces and many more. With the help of quiet rooms, you can recharge yourself and get back to your tasks. Soundproof rooms allow you to sit comfortably and work without distractions like chatter, loud phone calls, clutter, and socialisation.

Designing your workspace keeping neurodiversity in mind helps you develop concentrative and focus-driven spaces for all.

To create a workspace that suits everyone's needs, workspace strategists can cater to your business needs. Developing powerful office spaces can be possible only when you hire a strategist with all the right knowledge.

Learn more about creating dynamic and personalised workspaces with Studio DB. If your organisation is searching for the perfect designer strategist, we are here to help.  

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