BDO Northland

BDO Northland
BDO is a top accounting firm that offers world-leading tax, audit, advisory, and accounting services to clients all over NZ. Their core values revolve around relationships, resources, and responsiveness. Studio DB worked with BDO Northland to create an office space that reflects their focus on adopting a partnership style approach and working through their client challenges in an innovative way.

BDO Northland made the move from a very dated office to the top floor of a newly fitted building. Studio DB transformed this space to ensure it was future-proof but also recognising that they are from a region with their own identity and wanted to differentiate this location from their national offices by incorporating aspects of the Northland nature.

BDO Northland
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The office space was designed to enhance the client experience all the while emphasising the importance of collaboration between employees and clients. The use of the boardroom has flexibility, with the function to open completely connecting the kitchen and dining all as one big space. From private meeting rooms, quiet zones, and a focus booth, there is a wide array of options available to add culture and comfort to the office.

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BDO Northland
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