Studio DB worked with Chubb Insurance to create an office space that would speak their personality, communicate the company vision, market position, along with values and present a warm welcoming experience for their team, clients and stakeholders. The key deliverable was to renovate the office space that includes spatial workflow, design refinement, and council compliance documentation. It was of the utmost importance to plan out a flexible floor plan that accommodates the employees and fosters their growth and comfort.

The office space is organized to enrich a harmonious collaboration between the employees, clients and visitors that work together and aim to build lifelong relationships based on trust and experiences. We aligned our design concepts around these values and planned the space with seating arrangements that offered multiple options of working environment from a private conference to a get-together lunch event. Traces of gleaming metal contrasts with timbre accents, crisp white walls and pops of greenery to create a seamless backdrop that tends to motivate and capture the eye. Earthy tones and splashes of colour in the furniture and flooring elevates the vibrancy in the space and makes it look delightful.

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This fit-out includes spatial planning, interior construction, ceiling treatments, furnishings, and wall to floor finishes. The office has been remodelled into a bright and lively space that embraces employee wellness and promotes a positive work environment. Light is at play everywhere, filtering through the full height glazing onto the subtle polished concrete floor and bouncing off the stark white walls of the office. To bring the outdoors inside, we incorporated custom heightened indoor planters as partitions and a focal piece of our beloved plants in each room. These features of biophilia represent the natural setting of the office space that creates a wholesome vibe and an enthusiastic spirit for the employees.

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