Heart Foundation

Heart Foundation
The Heart Foundation is a heart charity organization fighting against the country’s single biggest killer – Heart diseases. With more than 186,000 people living with heart diseases in New Zealand, this foundation continues to fund life-saving heart research and maintain their essential work for the local communities. With a dated work environment, it was a high priority to design this space into an energetic and creative environment that actively propagates a sense of community. As a healthcare charity organization, the prime brief for the design was to help shift away from a corporate-looking office into a warmer type of environment focused on the people. This included a collaborative space that highlights the company’s efforts and commitment.

Our proposal included clean lines and use of brighter hues, mainly highlighting the vibrant reds that represent the brand and overall engaging space that supports key functions of the respective roles within the business. We uplifted this workplace with warm-toned finishes, various working zones, and ‘social pockets’ that allowed the employees to breakout from working spaces to a more relaxing area in the kitchen.

Heart Foundation
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The open plan working concept is a way of connecting the staff, encouraging a social team spirit, and an opportunity to introduce activity-based working. Company growth and employee privacy were foremost. The wide horizon for private conference rooms and staggered social booths help them move flexibly while deformalizing the office environment. The design integrates the use of warm carpet floors and original wooden flooring in the contemporary-styled kitchen. Ample natural and artificial lighting brighten up the office space with pops of greenery and indoor potted plants adding a casual statement.

The entire space is split over three floors, with the second floor featuring the function activity-based environment. The new space now aims to accommodate the ever-growing facility of the organization while offering a sense of homeliness and communalism.

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Heart Foundation
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