Internet NZ

Studio DB and Internet NZ (INZ) worked together to design and deliver spaces that were dedicated to their staff and clients, enhancing the workplace experience.

Internet NZ is a not-for-profit open membership organisation and the designated manager for the New Zealand top level internet domain, also supporting the development of New Zealand’s internet through policy, community grants, research, and events.

Studio DB and Internet NZ partnered together to produce two levels for the team at Internet NZ to move into. Originally situated in a large, under utilised office space that did not meet their needs and spilt the team up across the floor, Internet NZ were clear on what they wanted from a new office dedicated client space and the ability to host events.

The two levels are separated into a ‘public’ client-facing level, facilitating events and collaboration, and a level providing a space for the team to retreat and do focused work. Strategic placement of interior walls guides people through the space but also allows for a sense of curiosity as to what was around the corner. Together, the variety of space types and partition layout across the floors allows both formal and informal collaboration ensuring that this is a workspace that meets the needs not only of the staff, but also clients and community.

Internet NZ
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The view framing Lambton Harbour informed the location of key spaces, with the large black windows contrasting the soft, pale palette, celebrating the view, and not detracting with bold colours or finishes. The design aimed to emphasise form and function, paying detail to the lighting and soft finishes to make the space light, and bright showcasing a clean look and feel.

Features of the space include the large kitchen and collab area with tired seating that opens out into the boardroom with stacking sliding doors to create a bigger area forevents.

This Internet NZ Project is the Winner of the Resene Total Colour Neutrals Award for 2022.

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Internet NZ
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