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A 55 year Start Up —
Serving Kiwi Businesses since 1966.
We’re big on spaces.
Great design should be seen but not heard. It’s the enabler that connects people, engenders belonging, engages minds, releases potential, elevates wellbeing and empowers organisations. And great workplace design enables companies to be more productive and competitive.
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Each project we do is exclusive. Our clients have different goals, distinct visions, diverse needs and operate in discrete sectors. Their brands express their distinctiveness and how they present themselves to the world through the workplace is instrumental in building profile and reputation.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is only one process. It’s based on thinking, creating and implementing. Obviously, thinking is involved at each step, but it plays its most important role at the outset. What is the first step? This is when the who, why, what and where questions are asked and answered.
The big picture needs to be painted first. It acts as the project destination. Getting there is based on the interplay of designing, planning, reviewing, managing, documenting and construction. We’ve been following this for 55 years, but it has been adapted to ensure it is always industry-leading.
What makes us stand out? If we had to identify one thing, it would be people. This is about being skilful at building relationships, which allows us to hear and understand your needs. It's also about the investment we make in our professional development and building a vibrant culture. All this enables us to create exclusive, people-led workplace solutions.

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