Interior design is all about building comfortable spaces for everyone. Utilising the biophilic approaches in interiors can help you reform your space into distinct visual relationships with nature. In urban cities, the touch of biophilia can support developing spaces that are more human-centric. With our biophilic interiors, we celebrate the joy of building, living, and working with nature.


Why is Biophilia important?

To positively impact everyday life, we suggest you adapt biophilia to your interiors. As we spend 90% of our time in enclosed spaces, upgrading our spaces with the essence of nature is crucial for healthy living. Incorporating biophilia is mandatory for creating sustainable spaces and healthy living. 

Why Choose Studio DB?

We at Studio DB create designs inspired by biophilic architecture frameworks at their core. We help businesses develop a sustainable and healthy workplace that connects individuals with nature and the biological environment. Businesses can reduce the negative impact of sterile and lead workplaces by including a variety of biophilic features such as green walls, plants, natural woods or stone, and more that mimic the natural world.

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