Wall Treatments

Empty walls with drop ceilings aren’t the only formal look every office deserves. In a world that is driving itself toward creativity and optimism thoughts, every office dreamt of having an aura of positivity. One of the driving factors includes- the wall decor. Treating a wall with colours and textures helps transform a bland space into a refreshing, eye-catching, and sleek expanse. With working from home becoming a part of corporate life, going back to the office must be a motivating factor. Therefore, we at Studio DB work hard to source the best-suited wall treatments for your expectations. When it is wall treatment, there are stacks of options ranging from crown moulding to fabrics to ceramic works. With the right kind of effort, interiors facilitate cosiness, elegance, and a subtle feel.


Endless Opportunities

Empty office walls give us (as Interior Designers) endless opportunities to fill in the best of creativity into the space to fuel the productivity of the employees. Wall treatments include- paints, wallpapers, wood panelling, moulding, plasters, fabrics, tiles, and much more.

Studio DB To Your Rescue

Our commercial design and delivery approach has been sharpened over the last 57 years. We are aced in delivering industry-leading commercial office spaces across New Zealand. Starting from Whangarei, we now deliver workspace solutions to businesses across the North and South Islands. Our approach is considered, and our projects are exclusive. This is achieved with a collaborative approach and careful assessments from start to finish.

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