Stakeholder Alignment

Stakeholder Alignment ensures everyone is on the same page

We work closely with our stakeholders to deliver results that are tailored to their needs. Being in the business for 55 years, we have learnt to anticipate every query or concern of our clients from beginning to end. Identifying and collaborating with key decision makers of each project allow us to do what we do best.


Why is Stakeholder Alignment important?

Without stakeholder alignment a project can be pulled in multiple directions. Making sure our overarching goal is aligned with our stakeholders while acknowledging individual needs ensures that the work environment throughout the project will be a harmonious and cohesive one.

Getting active participation as opposed to mere agreement creates a strong alignment and ensures you are happy with our results. Creating milestones, defining project successes and establishing barriers we’d have to overcome as a team helps us get your project completed with efficiency and adequacy.

Why should you work with Studio DB?

With 57 years of experience under our belt, Studio DB is a third-generation family business with an accepting culture. Nothing is too much trouble. Our number 1 priority is making sure our clients are satisfied with our office space designs. From our humble beginnings in Whangarei, we have built our business up to provide workspace solutions to business nationwide. We approach all our clients with clarity and transparency you won’t find with other interior design companies. In order to achieve the results we do, stakeholder alignment is key, as without stakeholders there is no project.

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