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Concept Design is about our hard work coming together in a simple image

After the planning phase comes the initial design. Effective concept design makes our goals explicit, setting the scene for the final product. In this phase we assess the different directions your project could take which lets you identify what you like and what you don’t. Investing more into our concept design ensures that we don’t run into any problems as we progress through further stages.


Why is concept design important?

Creating a concept design requires us to have a clear understanding of the types of issues we’d run into as well as the ideal aesthetic style to satisfy both the customer and design team. The concept design includes drawings, reports and other structured details related to the built asset. The final result of this stage is a fully outlined concept design report that records basic design concepts that are worth investigating in the next phase. It also identifies anything required from the client to steer the project forward.

Why should you work with Studio DB?

At Studio DB our number 1 priority is making sure our clients are satisfied with our workspace solutions. We’ve been in the residential and commercial space business for 57 years, with a specific focus on interior design from the 90s onwards. Now we are a leading interior design and furnishing company working from Whangarei, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. Being a third generation family company, we have a strong sense of who we are and have built a culture of resourcefulness, generosity and agility. Our designers work hard to give you the best work they have to offer.

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