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Detailed design is virtually experiencing your new office space

We turn our approved design briefs and design concepts into powerful 2D and 3D visuals for you to experience. We create accurate photorealistic models that can be experienced in real time, with a fully interactive 3D floor plan that is designed to accurately reflect your office space right down to the smallest detail. Be immersed in your new space and collaborate with us in real-time to refine and build your ideal office.


Why is detailed design important?

Detailed design creates an immersive, guided experience, allowing you to feel and interact with the final product before we begin building. This process is all about collaboration. We create, gather feedback and revise our design models until you are fully satisfied. 

Experiencing a dimensionally correct version of your office space ensures we share the same vision and progress towards a shared goal.

Why should you work with Studio DB?

Our design process is fully transparent, with our number one priority to create a relationship based on a shared vision and mutual respect. All of our clients have different goals, distinct visions and diverse needs. Our design process operates to understand these so we can create a workspace that represents how you want to be seen by the world.

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We create workspaces for a changing world.

The future of work is changing. Attracting and retaining employees is harder than ever.

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